Teresa Collins and Cricut

Okay . . . I have to admit . . . I am not one of those who “knows” all of the hip and trendy crafting world designer names.  I am more along the type that just goes into the store and buys what she likes and does not pay attention to “who” it is made by.

If you ARE one of those that keeps tabs on all of the trendy designers, then you might know who Teresa Collins is . . . if not, here is a link to one of her websites.  Well, I found out that she is working with ProvoCraft on some new cartridges . . . one for the Imagine and one regular Cricut cartridge . . . and even better, I found some preview images for you!

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My guess is that this last one is for the Imagine, with all of that detail in the crown.  Since none of these were in the Hello Thursday update from this week, maybe these will be released later on this summer.  Stay tuned, because you know that as soon as I know I will pass the information on to all of you!


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4 Responses

  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know all these "names".
    You amaze me with all your info. You're kinda like the news anchor (I was going to say Walter Cronkite, but that didn't seem very flattering) for the craft world.

  2. How cool…
    Just became a new follower..Would love it if you decided to follow my blog.

  3. LOL, Shawn … I love Tami's comment about being the news anchor for the craft world!!

    I first saw the name Teresa Collins in reference to her machine that allows you to make your own rubber stamps … Stampmaker, that's it. One of the many new toys I covet. But then again, it would just give me more things to spend the money I don't have ….SIGH!

    MISS OUR CHATS … hope you're loving life and livin' it!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  4. . . . And that's the way it is, in the crafting world 🙂

    As long as no one compares me to Walter in the looks department, I am fine with it.

    Sistah . . . I need a vacation again already! A nice quiet scrapbooking retreat. Even though life has been busy, it has been so great watching Beth develop her hockey skills.

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