Throwback Thursday – Diaper Cakes

I wanted to revisit some of my most popular projects on my blog.  Today we are going to look back at my diaper cake project.

When my sister-in-law was pregnant with my niece in 2009, I wanted to make something really amazing for a centerpiece on the table and as a gift for her, so I decided to make a diaper cake.  I had NEVER made a diaper cake before.  Since we knew she was having a girl, I decided to use pink as my main color.

Remember, these are throwback projects . . . my project photography skills have improved over the years!


This diaper cake project became so popular and I had so many people asking me to show them HOW I made the cake and how many diapers I used that I decided to do three part series showing step by step how to get started making a diaper cake (including numbers of how many diapers you will need),  building the tiers and decorating your diaper cake.

 To see the original post you ca go here.  This post has over 900 pins on Pinterest.

One thing I really like to do with a diaper cake is to decorate it with items that the new parents can use once the baby arrives.  I have used baby spoons standing up in one of the tiers to look like candles on the cake.


Stuffed animals and bathtub toys make great cake toppers.

RhinestoneDiaperCake 3

I have even used baby washcloths and rolled them to look like roses to decorate a cake


I have used ribbons, tulle, rhinestone sticker sheets, adhesive fabric, bath toys, washcloths, stuffed animals, baby spoons and embellishments cut with my Cricut do decorate cakes.  Also, so help save on the weight of the cake and the number of diapers you have to use, I have even substituted some of the diapers on the larger base tiers with empty toilet paper rolls.

To go back and see all of the diaper cake projects and posts that I have done over the years you can click HERE.

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