Valentine's day sign Cricut

Valentine’s Day Home Decor

If you are looking to make Valentine’s Day Home Decor items with your Cricut then this project is perfect for you!

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Valentine's Day Home Decor

Paint Your Heart

My first step was to paint my wooden heart shape. I applied two coats of paint to this heart. allowing each coat to fully dry between. This gave my base heart a nice even coat of paint.

Cut Your Design

Next, find a design you like online or in Cricut Design Space and cut it to match the size of your wooden heart. I decided to use an image from Cricut Design Space. If you want to do this, click on the Images button and then search heart to find something you like.

practice cut with your Cricut

I cut the design from cardstock first, just to make sure it would fit on the wooden shape. Nothing is worse than cutting some beautiful vinyl only to find out that your design is too big or too small for the piece you want to use it on. It is a good thing I did this since the first one was way too big. I did end up having to cut this one and then adjust it and cut it again. Now that I have it just how I want it, time to cut it from the vinyl!

Cut Your Vinyl

Next up I cut the holographic vinyl from HTVRontVinyl on my Cricut. I used the Vinyl + setting for this design. Any time that you are using a new brand of vinyl I recommend doing a test cut to make sure you have the cutting settings correct.

I also wanted to mention that is having some daily specials you should go and check out! Tell them Shawn Mosch sent you!

Weed Your Vinyl

After you cut your vinyl the next step is to weed it. Weeding is the process of removing what you do not want in your finished project. Just like when you weed the garden, you leave the pretty flowers alone and remove the stuff that you do not want.

weeding vinyl

I LOVE the colors in this holographic vinyl! There are shades of blue, purple and pink in there depending on how the light hits the vinyl. This color is called Holographic White, but I feel like it is a great iridescent color.

Apply Vinyl to Wood

Now that you have the vinyl cut and weeded, it is time to move your vinyl on to the wood piece. You can use transfer tape, clear contact paper or even Glad Press N Seal for this process. This allows you to pick up the image you cut in one big piece and move it on to the wood shape.

holographic vinyl on wood

I hope that this project inspired you to make your own Valentine’s Day Home Decor with your Cricut! If you are looking for more project inspiration HTVRONT has 100+ Cricut Project Ideas for you. They even have an event going on where you can win a $200 gift card! You can check out all of the details for their #cricutprojects contest by clicking HERE.

If you are new to using the Cricut, I recommend really learning to use the functions in Cricut Design Space. I have resources to help get you started in the Classes section of this site.


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