Vote for Shawn!

I just found out this week that two of the projects I made for my blog made it into a Best Blogger Contest.  There is a cash prize for the top three winners. Please help me win by going to this link

 and finding one of the two projects with my name on them. One is a rhinestone covered wine bottle

BestBloggerContest ShawnMosch

You can see the FULL tutorial for this project HERE

and the other is a fabric interpretation of Scrabble tile art (it has a close up photo and you will see a LARGE heart)

BestBloggerContest VoteForShawnMosch

You can see the full tutorial for this project HERE.

A little green dot will show up next to the voting button once it has accepted your vote.

 You can vote once from each device you have, so each computer, laptop, tablet and phone. If you have more than one device in your home please vote once from each. If you would like to also vote from work that would be great too.

I would also love it if you share this with any of your friends you think would also help out and vote for my projects.

The images come up in a random order each time, so mine could be up at the top or way down at the bottom . . . I never know!


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