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I have been wanting to make a new garden flag for outside our home for a while, but I had to find the perfect products for it.  I had this idea in my head that I wanted to make into a reality.  From the first time I went to Walt Disney World, I always love how they would shine lights onto the castle and make it look like it was changing colors.  I wanted a flag that had that look to it.


It was not until I saw this weathered wood background garden flag from 651 Vinyl and their ombre blue vinyl that I knew I found the perfect products for what I wanted to make.  I also used a holographic purple for the accent on the word Welcome for the sign.


First, I designed everything in Cricut Design Space.  I was able to bring the image of the weathered wood garden flag into Design Space which helped me to visualize what the finished project would look like and determine how large I should make the cut images for the flag.


Since I knew the flag was 12″ x 18″, after I inserted the flag image into Design Space I inserted a square from the shapes button, unlocked that so I could turn it into a 12″ x 18″ rectangle and then resized the flag image to fill that 12″x 18″ rectangle.


Now I could see how large I could make the castle and still have it fit inside the dimensions of the flag.  Since the height of the flag was going to be taller than 12″, and I did not have the extra long cutting mat, I taped to mats together on the back so that I could pretend I had one long mat for cutting.


If you do this, make sure to change your mat size to 12″ x 24″ in the cut screen in Design Space.  I pointed out the space to change the mat size in the image below.


After I cut the castle, I figured out the placement of it on the flag.  I peeled back and cut off just a corner of the backing sheet so that I could place that and smooth it out.  


Then as a peeled off the backing I could keep smoothing the vinyl as I worked up the piece.  I suggest doing this on a hard flat surface and working slowly in sections so that you have a nice smooth image with no bubbles.


I did each tower one at a time since I did not want the little flags to go off in a weird direction.  Getting those little flags to go on straight took a steady hand.  In the end, it came our really nice and I love how the colors change through the castle.


The next step was to place the word Welcome.  I cut the word Welcome from a font from DaFont.com called Words.  Instead of letters, it is all words you can use on projects.  Click HERE to set the whole font.

I peeled off the backing for part of the W to figure out where I wanted the whole word placed.  Once I did this, I was able to peel back the rest of the backing from the W and smooth it down.  Then I covered the rest of the word with transfer paper to move that into place.


I am not sure why I didn’t do the whole word with transfer paper all at once.  I think I was so excited at how good the sign was turning out that just went for it with the W before thinking about the rest of the word.  In the end, it all worked out, and here is how the flag looked.


And now I have it hanging outside of my house.  Since this one turned out so good, I might make a holiday or winter themed flag too, and have this one out in the spring/summer months and a different one for the fall/winter months.


If you liked this project, make sure to head over to 651 Vinyl to check out all of their blank garden flags and patterned vinyl so that you can create your own custom flag too!

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