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Welcome to! I am guessing you are here because you own a Cricut and you want to learn how to use it . . . am I right? Then you are in the right place! I have helped thousands of people learn to use Cricut Design Space, and now I can help you too!
Cricut Design Space tutorials classes Shawn Mosch

Background on Shawn

I love crafting and helping people. In 2009 I got my first Cricut machine. I did a lot of scrapbooking back then and I loved that I could cut out images and letters for my scrapbooks and not have to rely on using stickers as much. Then people started to ask me how I did what I did, so I started to create tutorials.

Over the years I have shared and sold my various crafts various free platforms. Looking back, I think I was always afraid to take the jump into the world of the Professional Crafters. That changed in 2020 when I could no longer teach in person classes at a local craft store. That is why I converted all of my teaching into an online program, so I could help more people. It became clear that I could reach more people by creating this one website where you could find my tutorials, hand crafted items for sale and crafting classes.

Cricut Design Space Courses and Resources

I have several different ways for you to learn. I have my handbooks, a Cricut Reminders Cheat Sheet which are both free to download. If you would like a little more of a one on one experience, you can book time with me and we will work together over Zoom.

I believe my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course is my most detailed and complete resource ever. This course is for anyone who has ever struggled to understand what all of the buttons in Design Space do. I break it down to easy to follow sections. You watch me and then there is a Practice section where I walk you through the process so you really get some hands on learning!

This course includes even MORE information than my one on one sessions, or the courses I used to teach in person. I am even including my new document, Layers – The Ultimate Guide for FREE as a bonus for you! You get all of this for the low cost of $19!

Since my husband and I have operated other websites in the past, through our company Landslide Solutions LLC, I knew this website was a dream that we could make into a reality. I would like to thank my daughter for her hard work on the website design. I could not have done this without you. Her site is

Join Shawn’s Cricut Design Space Fans Page

As of April 2021 I have officially launched my own subscription plan on CF Fans! What is CF Fans? It is a space where I can connect with my fans and followers and is sponsored by Creative Fabrica, who is a provider of amazing designs to use for your crafting projects.

What will you get when you subscribe as one of my fans? How about exclusive access to tutorials by me, access to svg files I create and discounts on any of the products I sell on my site! We can hang out and craft or you can ask me questions to help you with your projects.

This OUR SPACE so we can make it what we want. No ads. No outside noise. No social media feeds. Just us talking about crafting . . . well and maybe a little talk about Disney too. So come join us!

Take a look around!

I created a video to give you a tour of the site and tell you a little more about who I am and what I do.

I will add links to products for you so you can find and purchase them easily. For example, if you are looking for Cricut items you can find a lot of them on Amazon.

Do you want crafting tips sent right to you?

I have a newsletter where I send out crafting tips and project inspiration. You can sign up below or in the upper right corner of this page. Feel free to respond to my email with any Cricut Design Space questions you have. I believe there are no dumb questions, just opportunities for learning!

I hope that the information on this site can help guide you. Please leave me comments about what you want to learn! Often your questions will turn into my next crafting tutorial featured here on!

Welcome everyone! Let’s get crafting!

Cricut Design Space tutorials classes Shawn Mosch


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