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In the video below, I kind of pick up where we left off after the Jumpstart presentation. As a reminder, in that presentation I showed you how to use a Cricut image for Print then Cut projects. Now in this BONUS video I will show you how to upload PNG files and SVG files for Print then Cut projects. I will not be showing how to upload JPG files, but they will work the same as the PNG.

I also put together some tips and tricks for you! These are items I hear people asking time and time again when it comes to Print then Cut projects, so I figured why not make the list into an image you can save on your computer or even print out to keep nearby.

Cricut Print Then Cut tips and tricks

What to know a secret?

Guess what? I was once in your shoes! I was once a Cricut beginner! You can actually look way back on this blog and find my early posts and see how far I have come on my journey!

You can also see that I love helping people. I think we should spend more time having fun crafting than trying to figure out how to use a software program! This is why I break everything I know into easy to follow steps. And because I have written down the steps, added screen shots and videos, you will know that you have the best resources for learning.

I also use a lot of analogies in my tutorials. If I can relate something in the Cricut Design Space software to an every day situation or something most people would encounter in every day life, I feel that helps people to learn. One great example of this is how I compare Cricut Access to Netflix.

So if you feel like you are always struggling with Cricut Design Space and wish there was one place you could go to learn how to use all of the buttons and features so you could spend your time just enjoying crafting then you should check out my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course. This course is like having a direct line to my brain and downloading all of the information I know about using Cricut Design Space!