16 years . . . 16 balloons

I am a couple of years behind on my scrapbooking, and I just recently did this layout for my son’s 16th birthday. He will be 18 years old this year in May.  (wonder if I can get to scrapbooking his 17th birthday before he turns 18?)

He picked where we went to dinner that night, and when the restaurant found out it was his 16th birthday the waiters and waitresses started bringing out balloons to him, one at a time, and tying them to his arms until he had 16 balloons tied to him!


Here is a closer shot of each page.  I used some paper with video game controllers on it for the left side of the page, and then attached the card that the wait staff from the restaurant signed for my son, along with a close up of him, and a shot of him walking out of the restaurant where you can really see all of the balloons!

HPIM1740 1

The shots from inside of the restaurant turned out kind of dark, but you can still see the balloons and some of the wait staff surrounding him, so I had to include them in the layout.  I then cut 16 red balloons from my George and Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge to use for the right hand side of this layout.


Side note:  For his 17th birthday when we asked where he wanted to go for dinner, he said any place except this restaurant . . . he did not want to see this happen two years in a row!


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  1. What a cute thing for them to do! Too funny that he didn't want to go back there for his next bday! Ummmm Shawn, if you are only 2 years behind on birthdays…you are way ahead of the game sister!

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