5 Audacious and Creative Card Craft Ideas

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Whether you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained
during the summer break from school or methods for amusing yourself during rainy
days, crafts are an excellent way to keep busy and make something beautiful.
What are some creative card craft ideas that everyone will

Singing Cards
At the store, you’ve probably seen cards
that sing or play a song when you open them. Instead of paying for these often
pricey cards, learn how to make one by yourself. If you’re particularly handy
with technology, you could easily create the mechanism by yourself. In the event
that you are not, team up with a family member or friend to make the coolest
card out there.

Sew a Card
Some people assume that cards
always need to be made out of paper, but this simply is not true. Are you
skilled at sewing or knitting? Take out some yarn and start to craft a simply
square. In the middle of the square, you could write out the cover message of
the card. You can put a few different squares together to create a piece that
actually looks just like a card you would find in the store.

Board Cards

Instead of going for the usual small-sized card, make
something that people will really want to open. For example, at Christmas time,
you could paint an entire scene of Santa and his reindeer flying across the sky
in a small town. You might also dedicate a different section of the card to one
of the 12 days of Christmas. Whatever you do, be sure to consider the price of
postage. If you plan to mail these cards, you are certainly going to need to pay
more than the average rate for postage.

Card Collage
fun idea is to make a collage out of the card. This project can be a really
exciting one for children, and this is especially true for children who do not
quite yet know how to right. They don’t have to write out their thoughts in the
card – they can easily use pictures to express their feelings. Simply put, your
loved ones will love receiving these. On the back, you might want to note that
it was made especially by your child.

Cookie Cards
Here’s another great idea for people who don’t want to make a traditional card at all.
Use cookie dough to bake a big cookie in a square or rectangular baking dish.
Once it comes out of the oven, you’ll basically have a cookie cake. You can
write a special message on the face of the card with icing and even make a
little stamp in the corner. Not only does this card look gorgeous, it tastes

Jerrod is an art teacher who writes about the arts and education. Her recent
work is on the
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the US.


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