6 Simple and Fun Fall Crafts

Fall is a festive time of year that creates all kinds of crafting possibilities. To make your home full of autumn cheer, try out these six fun and simple crafts.

1. Treasure Acorns 

 Ever wondered what you could do with all of those plastic eggs left over from Easter? Repurpose them into a festive fall craft by gluing twine carefully around one half of the egg, leaving the opening exposed so you can still fill the egg with a treasure. It makes for a great party gift or decoration. Put snacks, candy, or other little treasures inside the egg for a unique fall surprise.

2. Thankful Board 

 Fall is a time to reflect on the good things in life, which means everything that you are thankful for. Some people need a little help remembering the good things in life. Cut a large acorn shape out of corkboard, topping it with cardstock circles to create the cap and stem. Hang it where your family and friends can see it and fill it every day with notes and pictures about the things you are thankful for.

3. Sparkling Candle Holders

 Want to really create that golden fall glow inside your home? Take some clear votive candle holders and mist the inside down with water. While they are still wet, gently spray metallic paint inside the glass on top of the water (gold will give you a better “glow”). Once this dries, spray it again with gold glitter spray for a truly sparkling finish. It also works in other color combinations, so let your imagination run wild.

4. Autumn Garden Bunting 

 Banners and buntings make for perfect decorations in the house on walls, along banisters, or even at the edges of tables. Just go out into your yard and pull items right from nature such as leaves and seed pods. Attach them to wire and drape where you please.

5. Burlap Wreath

 Burlap can be used for all kinds of crafts and creates a nostalgic fall look. Using a foam wreath as your base, wrap some burlap ribbon around the foam and use straight pins to keep it in place. You can finish it off by hot-gluing burlap flowers or other trinkets on top.


6. Painted Stemware 

 Festive glasses aren’t just for the winter months anymore. Create fall wine glasses by putting paint on the bottom of the base of your stemware. Use a brush or other fine-tipped tool to create designs such as swirls by working out from the center. Let it dry completely before placing the base on a surface. Glitter glass paint is also an option for coating the topside of the base and stem.

Get Creative 

 These fall crafts are sure to give your home a festive glow. Try other combinations to create new decorations for any time of the year.


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