The A B C’s of Disney

When we went to Walt Disney World the first time my youngest child was about 4 years old.  When we came home I wanted to create a scrapbook of our trip.  This was my first every adventure into scrapbooking and I felt like I needed a theme for the book . . . I mean something more than just “Disney” . . . I decided to make the entire book “The A B C’s of Disney”

Here is the B layout from the book . . .


B is for Belle and Buzz.  I was able to include the picture from watching the stage show Beauty and the Beast (more B words) and from the meet & greet and story time with Belle on one side, and on the other is my daughter, Beth (another B word) meeting Buzz Lightyear who was her favorite character at the time.  I even included the penny we pressed with Buzz light year on the page . . . and of course, the color is BLUE . . . another B word.


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