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I am a part of a group that was put together by Jenny over at . . . she gathers products from sponsors and then everyone in the group is challenged to create a card from that product.  The most recent sponsor for this challenge group comes from The Buckle Boutique.

The first time I had the chance to play with the Rhinestone Resin Self Adhesive Sticker Sheets from The Buckle Boutique was at the Cropped Event in Wisconsin this past summer.  I was so amazed by this product!  It is a sheet of rhinestones with an adhesive backing, but the BEST part about it is that you can CUT it with scissors or a die-cutting machine!  The rhinestones are actually made from a soft material, so the blade can go right through them.  It is amazing!

Here are what the sheets I received for this challenge


I knew RIGHT AWAY that I wanted to do a Disney themed project with these sheets.  I thought the blue looked perfect for Donald Duck’s hat.  Let me show you how I cut that with my Cricut.

Some tips for working with this product when cutting with your Cricut

  1. Use a deep cut blade
  2. Place your blade depth at 6
  3. Use a mulit-cut of 4
  4. Place the product face down on the Cricut cutting mat and use the Flip Mode  (since you have the product upside down, you need to flip the cut for the image to be correct when you flip it over)

When you place the product on the mat face side down it will look like this


As you can see, the pretty side is down on the mat, and the adhesive backing is the part you can see.  This is why you need to use the Flip Mode.  If you don’t flip the image, your cut will be backwards.

When I cut mine, I did have to separate the cut from the rest of the sheet . . . just a little pressure from my finger and it popped right out.


As you can see in the above image, it cut right through these rhinestones . . . not around them on the grid lines, but right through them!  That is my daughter’s finger poking through the cut, and you can see that the curved line of the hat was no problem for this product.

I removed the backing from the blue rhinestone cut and then layered it on top of the Donald Duck image that I had already created.  I also did the black part of his hat from this same product.

And this is how the finished card looks . . . 


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE IT!!!!  I think it adds just the right touch of “bling” to Donald!

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