Adding Rhinestone Fabric to a Hat

I love simple, fast crafts.  Sometimes I dont’ have the time (or crafting mojo) to invest in a long mulit-process project, but I still want to do SOMETHING crafty.

I recently got to play with some of the Rhinestone Fabric Sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  These are different from the Dazzling Diamond sheets I have told you about in the past.  The Rhinestone Fabric are hard rhinestones set on a iron-on backing.  With these you will need to cut your pieces on the grid lines of the rhinestones (unlike the Dazzling Diamonds that you can cut in curved shapes)

Once you cut the Rhinestone Fabric you can iron it on to most fabric so add a little sparkle.

For example, let’s say you own a hat like this . . . 


Cute . . . nice . . . noting that stands out and says WOW though.

But what if you cut a strip of the Rhinestone Fabric and inro it onto the hat?



Now THAT hat is something that people will notice and is one of a kind!

If you don’t already own a hat that you would like to add some sparkle to you can do what I did for this project . . . go to a thrift store and find a plain hat to embellish.  The hat for this project only cost me $5.00 but once it was embellished it looks like hats I have seen selling on the internet for $20 – $30.

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