Adding a Rhinestone Slide to an Invitation

I was looking at a website the other day that does invitation just for some ideas.  I wanted to use the rhinestone slides from The Buckle Boutique to add some sparkle to a simple invitation.

I ordered a sample of a simple invitation, then I cut a piece of teal cardstock just slightly larger than the invitation.


I used some ribbon from 3 Girl Jam and put it through the rhinestone slide.  I tacked down the ends of the ribbon on the back of the invitation.


Then I attached the invitation to the cardstock.  Now the ends of the ribbon are sandwiched between the invitation and the cardstock, making them even more secure.


Simple, but it adds a pop of color and some extra sparkle to the invitation.

If you would like to see the full line of slides from The Buckle Boutique, you can see them HERE

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