American Girl Doll Hat with Chain Loop Flower

I have been having a lot of fun creating crocheted clothing items for my niece like this American Girl Doll hat.  Crocheting is relaxing, and it is a craft that I can do while I am watching television and this weekend I even did some while visiting with company.  One thing I have really liked about creating American Girl doll clothes is that because they are smaller projects, I can complete a small crocheted project in an evening or a weekend. This is great since you get the satisfaction of a completed project much sooner than you would with a large project.

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Last week I shared a project with a hat pattern I found online.  Click HERE to see that project post.  Since my family are fans of the Minnesota Gophers, I decided my niece’s American Girl doll needed something in the Gopher’s team colors.  By using this maroon and gold variegated yarn the colors change as you stitch up the American Girl Doll hat.


The little chain loop flower, which is in the pattern book Teach Me To Crochet, add a cute little accent to this American Girl Doll hat.  I love this book!  It is a great resource for a beginner crocheter like myself.  This flower was so easy to make, and it is the perfect little accent for this hat!


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To purchase the book I used for the flower pattern, head over to or use the link below to order it through Amazon.


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