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Today I would like to feature a Guest Blogger.  Her name is Tami and her blog is Tami’s Craft Creations.  Her blog may be new (just started in October 2010) but I am already a follower because she has such great cards!

Here is a recent card from her blog that is for her parent’s wedding anniversary.


I love the colors and the cuts that she used in this card, and how she showcased both the year that they were married and this year to mark their 50th wedding anniversary on the card.  I think that really makes the card more personal.


This second view is a perfect example of a question that I saw on the Cricut Message Board recently.  Someone was asking for suggestions on how to use the corner cuts that are on the special feature keys of some of the Cricut Cartridges.  This is a WONDERFUL use of that feature.  By the way, if you would like to know which Cricut Cartridges have a corner cut so that you could replicate this look, you can go to Cricut Search and type in the word corner to the search bar and it will show you a preview of each Cricut Cartridge handbook page that has a corner cut.

Here is one of the over 160 images that I found when I did this same search.  There is a beautiful corner cut, and you can see it also has a shadow cut if you would like create a two-colored effect.

Heritage page61

You can click here to see all of the images that came up for the search I did for the word corner.

Again, make sure to check out Tami’s Blog at to get some inspiration from her beautiful cards.

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