Another project, from my husband

I got a LOT of great feedback and comments about the scrapbooking paper storage tower that my husband made for me . . . if you missed that post, you can go HERE.  Well, today I want to talk about the OTHER thing that my husband made for my new crafting space.

The space is also going to be used as a guest room, and we have a twin sized bed in there . . .


I wanted to figure out a way to turn this space into another work surface.  Since the headboard and footboard are the same height, I figured that if we made some kind of platform that just sat on top of the headboard and footboard I would be able to work on it, and then when we had guests and needed the bed we could lift the work surface off.

Are you ready . . . here is what this bed looks like now!


Yes, I have already started to pile stuff on the work surface, but hey, that is what it is for!


Here is a close up of the end so you can see how it just sits on top. I need to add some felt to the underneath so it does not scratch the bed frame at all. Since it just sits on top we can remove it when we need the bed and we did not have permanently attach it to the bed.


He added supports underneath also so that I can set heavier things, like my Circut, on the surface also.  I am looking forward to the long Thanksgiving weekend so I can spend a lot of time in this new craft space!

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  1. Great idea for still allowing the bed to be used! Congrats on having a husband who helps you get the most out of the available space you have to work with! That's wonderful!

  2. Wowsers, Shawn, that is absolutely awesome! Love it when something has a two-fold purpose.

    That hubby of yours is definitely a "keeper"!! 🙂

  3. What an awesome idea. I'm going crazy in my little work space. I'm trying to come up with some other ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Could you please send your hubby to the PaperJungle? I have a couch that needs a hideaway built around it!! Then again, as soon as my Christmas guests invade this year, I think that couch is going on Craig's List so I can get more cabinets and a countertop!!!

    Love ya sistah!!
    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

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