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I have been waiting over 4 months to share this with all of you.  The big project that my family and I have been working on this summer is will save you time when working on your scrapbooking, card making or paper crafts.  It is a searchable database of images found on a Cricut cartridge. You will no longer have to flip through all of your Cricut handbooks or cheat sheets to find the perfect image to complete your crafting project.  Just type it into the search box and we will show you all of the choices you have.

What is a Cricut Cartridge

When the first Cricut machines came out, they did not have the ability to connect to a computer. So how did people get the images that they wanted to cut with their Cricut? From cartridges! They worked much like a jump drive for Cricut machines. You would purchase a cartridge that contained images or fonts, insert that info a slot on your Cricut machine and then you could access the images.

Now that everything is digital you no longer have to purchase a physical cartridge to insert into your Cricut. You can now purchase these images directly through Cricut Design Space. They are now called Image Sets.

You can still find some cartridges for sale online or at thrift stores. If you purchase them this way, make sure that the cartridges are not linked to a Design Space account. If they have been linked to a Design Space account then you will not be able to link them to your account.

How CricutSearch Works

Here is a video showing you how to use the basic search function on



After we launched there were several other small businesses that were getting letters from Cricut about using their name. In order to avoid this we proactively changed our name to

Ironically, after we did this we finally got a meeting with someone in the Legal Department of Cricut and they said they would have allowed us to keep the name

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