Autumn Cards

Today I am going to show you how I used 6 pieces of solid color cardstock to make some beautiful Autumn cards.

For this project I used  two piece of  8 1/2″ x 11″ kraft cardstock, two pieces of a peachy orange and two pieces of white cardstock.  I started by cutting all of the kraft cardstock in half, so I could fold it over to be the base of the card.


After that, I cut the peachy orange at 5″ x 3 3/4″ so that it would layer nicely on top of the base and just leave a small border.


Then I cut the white at 4 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ . . . the photo shows you how the layers will stack on top of each other.


Now for the FUN part!  I grabbed 3 of my Spectrum Aqua water based pens, and water bottle and my Gina K stamps,  I will be using the You’ve Got a Friend In Me set for this project.


I took the clear sheet of acetate that comes covers the stamps and scribbled all over it with three colors of pens.  I think that this color combination is perfect for Autumn.


Next, take your water bottle and spray the inked area.  Depending on how you spray will determine your outcome.  Spray far away and you will just get a light mist and it will not disturb the colors . . . spray closer in and you will get lots of water droplets and colors moving and blending.   This means that even if you use the same colors, no two cards will be exactly the same.


Smack that white cardstock down on the inky watery mess.  Once I set mine on top I smoothed over it to blend the colors a little and be sure that I got ink all the way out the the edges of the pieces.


Flip them over and pat yourself on the back for creating something so beautiful!


Here are how all four of my pieces turned out.


Now we have to let them dry.  This is your chance to go work on another project, do some laundry . . . or take a nap . . . might as well since we cannot do anything else with these until they are dry.


Once they were dry I wanted to fill in the areas on some of the pieces where the white was still showing through.  I grabbed my Galaxy Gold ink pad and just ran the whole pad across the pieces of paper.  This filled the white areas, but it also added a light gold shimmer the the entire piece.  The photos don’t show the shimmer very well.


Now for the stamping.  I used the trees from the Gina K. stamp set called You’ve Got a Friend In Me.  I used a burgundy Spectrum Aqua pend and colored all over the tree stamp, and then stamped it in the lower right corner of the cardstock.


The burgundy color is so deep, it almost looks brown.  And now the trees all have the colors of Autumn on them, just as if the leaves were changing colors.


Then stack the layers, attach to the base and you are done!  Four beautiful cards with the same theme, but each one is unique.  I took photos of each card so you can see how each one is different.  You can also see the gold shimmer ink a little better in the following photos.


This is a great way to make several cards quickly, but still have each one be a truly unique card.

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