Baby Shower – Parenting Tip Cards

I had never heard of this idea before this summer, and now I have used it at two baby showers . . . Parenting Tip Cards.  It is a simple idea . . . have some note cards out so that guests at the baby shower can write parenting tips on the cards for the Parents-to-be.  The idea is that they will get some tips and ideas from people who have been new parents before . . . those things that you say later “I wish someone would have told me that!”  Things that I tell people are usually money saving tips, like instead of buying the cute burp towels, buy a package or plain white cloth diapers.  They do the same job and are MUCH cheaper.

The shower I am helping with for this week has an Owl Theme, so we decided the cards should say “Words of Wisdom” on them and have a wise owl image.  Here is what I created.


This was also a great way for me to use up scraps of paper, since I just needed small little owls.  It was fun coming up with all of the different color combinations from my scraps.







What words of wisdom would you have for a new parent?

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