If you have been to my blog, you know I have spoken in the past about making money with crafts. If you have not read my past blog on this topic, just click HERE

I actually use many of these ideas to generate income myself. Now, I personally am not making enough to quit my day job, but even a couple hundred dollars a month is a nice little “perk”. And when I have time to put more effort into some of these different areas then I generate more money. You get what you put in. 

What if I could show you how people (like myself) have turned $5 worth of product, crafting and creativity into cash. 

What do I mean?  Well, here are some examples of things I have done . . . 

There is a local school that has an entrance where one direction takes you to the school and the other direciton takes you to the Parish Office.  People coming in were always going the wrong way, so I cut the letters out of adhesive backed fabric to spell out School Entrance and put it over the door.


I even used the printable product to print out the school’s logo and added that to the doorway.


And then there was the Parish Office entrance


As you can see, I added the church logo to the sides of this one also.

Now, if I wanted to keep going on this idea I could make more of these decals in a variety of sizes that could be placed on 





cell phones

in classrooms

If the walls need to be painted they can remove these decals and place them back when they are done.

What else could you do?

What about making birthday decor!

Create signs and decorations that people can stick anywhere, 

then remove and save to use again year after year!

(how much to you think someone would pay for something like this?)

I am working with a couple of other crafters to teach them how to make money from their hobby.  I hope to then use their stories as success stories and then show others how to do this too.


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    1. Rylee,
      I have turned off all of my stores for now since I am having surgery this week. I will have them back up for sale once I know I have recovered fully and can craft again.

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