Bling Up a Box

Here is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to put a smile on the face of a teenage girl who loves sparkle . . . give her a rhinestone covered box!


The back story on this project is that my daughter plays hockey, and one of her teammates has a pair of earrings that look like little crowns.  She had them on one day when she showed up at the rink, and since she had to take them out for the game and did not want anything to happen to them, she asked me to keep them safe.  She said her Grandmother gave them to her “because she is a princess”.


Well, that got me thinking . . . what would happen if she wore those earrings to a game and I was not there to keep them safe for her?  I decided that The Princess needed a box JUST for her crown earrings!  I found a box that I had at home that a small piece of jewelry probably came in.  Then I grabbed my rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique along with my Westcott Non-Stick scissors.  I have found that these scissors are the BEST for cutting ANYTHING that has an adhesive backing. I never have to worry about any sticky stuff ending up on my scissors.


I simply cut pieces of the rhinestone sticker sheets the same size as the sides of the box . . . peel off the backing and stick.  It is THAT EASY!

You should have seen how happy she was to get a special box that sparkles to keep her special earrings in!

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