Brother Scan N Cut and Rhinestone Sticker Sheets

One of the new products at the CHA 2014 show was the Brother Scan N Cut machine.  People we very interested to see just what this machine could do.


Inside the bag that we all got when we picked up our badges was a foam butterfly that had been cut with the Scan N Cut.


I was busy working at The Buckle Boutique booth, so I did not have time to go and check out the machine in person, but my husband and daughter did!  We asked them to bring the rhinestone sticker sheets over to the Brother booth and ask them to see if it can be cut on the new Brother Scan N Cut machine.

I am happy to report that it CAN be cut on this machine!  If you would like to see the video that my husband and daughter recorded you can check it out HERE.  Below are photos of the rhinestone sticker sheet that was cut on the Brother Scan N Cut.  My daughter drew a rough flower like shape.


In the first photo you can see some of the flower cut out.  


And the second photo shows the entire flower cut out of the rhinestone sticker sheet, and the cut piece off to the side.  Since these sheets already have adhesive on the back, all I have to do is peel off the backing sheet and I have a giant sparkling rhinestone flower shape that I can stick to anything!  No more lining up individual rhinestones to add sparkle to a project!

Again, if you want to see the video of the Brother Scan N Cut machine cutting out this flower, click HERE.

To purchase the rhinestone sticker sheets for your next project, head over to The Buckle Boutique.


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