Can I make money with my hobby?

Many crafters start creating things because they love to do so, and it is a great creative outlet, but they will often wonder “Could I make money doing this?”  The answer is YES, there are ways to make money from your hobby, crafts or crafting blog.

One way that I have talked about before is by creating a product, or a line of products. That is exactly what Tim McGinley is doing with Home Business Xpressions. Here is a little bit about Tim and what he does

“Home Business Xpressions started out as just a hobby to keep me busy when I was disabled. We Design/Build Floral Arrangement’s, Cactus Garden Displays, Wall Decor, Wood Decor and many more Items that you would place in your home and your Business.”

Home Business Xpressions

Here is just a small sample of the Cactus Collection designs.

make money with hobby

You can visit Home Business Xpressions and find them on social media through the links below.

Home Business Xpressions Website
Facebook Page
YouTube channel


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