Can you tell me how to get . . .

. . . how to get to Sesame Street!

Here is a layout that I did of an evening that we were babysitting my niece.  We had some Sesame Street dolls from when my daughter was younger that we pulled out for my niece to play with.  She really liked to chew on Grover’s nose!


Since I do not own a Sesame Street Cricut cartridge, I decided to try to create my own character faces using shapes from the George and Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge.



The main rounded squares are cut at 1 1/2″, most of the eyes were circles cut at 1/2″ for the white and 1/4″ for the black part.  The rest of the faces are made up of hearts trimmed down to just use the tops for many of the tongues, circles cut in half for most of the mouths, ovals for some noses and a few crescent moons for some eyelids.


Ernie and Bert


Grover and Oscar


Cookie Monster and Big Bird


Zoe and Elmo

Sometimes just the position of the eyes made the character “come to life”.  This is a fun way to create some of the characters even if you don’t own the Cricut cartridges that they are found on.

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  1. I've been debating on getting the Sesame Street cart for a while, but seeing this project makes me rethink the need for one. Great job and so adorable!


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