CHA . . . I am HERE!

I am here!

IMG 0238255B1255D
IMG 0239255B1255D

My daughter would be happy to see that Donald’s smiling face was in the hotel lobby to greet me.

IMG 0248255B1255D

I went and picked up my badge and the CHA directory 

IMG 0246255B1255D

and I have my journal with the cover that I made at the Bella Crafts Connections event to take notes while at the show.

IMG 0247255B1255D

I created this in a class taught by Lorine Mason.  She will be here at CHA doing demos.  I cannot wait to see her and what she is creating now.

Then I had some time to kill, so I went for a walk.  Look . . . the happiest place on earth is right across the street from the Convention Center!

IMG 0242255B1255D

This next picture was just because I thought it was funny to see a hotel with the name Alpine in it, that had a snow theme to the exterior decor . . . with palm trees right next to it.

IMG 0243255B1255D

All that is left for today is to relax, look over the Show Floor map and figure out where we want to start tomorrow.  I think the best part is that I know I get to sleep in tomorrow, relax with friends and just enjoy breakfast before the show instead of grabbing a granola bar and racing over to the show floor as soon as the doors open to put any finishing touches on a booth display.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved working in the booth with The Buckle Boutique.  Selling things that sparkle is a perfect fit for me.  I also loved that it allowed me to meet and network with so many people.  I know that this year will be different, but I hope to see CHA in a whole new way . . . from the eyes of someone attending the show, not the eyes of someone working the show.

IMG 0241255B1255D

I hope to continue to post, but if you don’t see or hear anything from me just know that it is either because the wireless connection at the hotel is not working or that I am having so much fun there is not time to blog!


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  1. Yep me too, I love watching the videos posted of new products being demoed at CHA then there is the long wait for them to come out to Australia!
    Have fun!

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