CHA Review – The QUICK story

I have plans for CHA in review posts for all of you with photos and videos . . . I just got home today and I am TIRED!

The QUICK over view

I left for CHA on Wednesday, January 8th and I had been VERY sick for two days before that and I was actually still not feeling that great when I headed off to the airport.  Thursday and Friday were kind of a “Nyquil Induced” fog . . . sick, tired, and trying to set up the booth for The Buckle Boutique and the ShowBuster Display cube we had.  Oh . . . and the box I had shipped with ALL of the projects I made for the booth did not show up on time!  It did not get there until Saturday at almost noon, after the show had started.

Saturday was the first day of the show, and once people started to play with the rhinestone sticker sheets over at the Sizzix booth with Marisa Pawelko’s new dies EVERYONE wanted to get their hands on the rhinestone sticker sheets!  I made lots of new friends and got to see some old friends.  My husband and daughter came in on Saturday evening, and they walked the show on Sunday.  They took photos and video.  They even went to the Brother’s booth and go them to try cutting the rhinestone sticker sheets with the new Scan N Cut machine.

We also had Charity Wings broadcasting LIVE from our booth on Sunday showing off the rhinestone sticker sheets.

Once the show was done and everything was all packed up, my family spent Wednesday and Thursday at Disneyland and California Adventure.  Then Friday morning (today) we headed to the airport to come home.

I cannot wait to show you everything we saw and did!

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