Changes are coming . . .

We have so BIG news to announce.  We are changing the name of our site.

When we first launched the site in September 2010, we did so under the name  With so many other sites out there that use the word Cricut in the name of their sites, we did not see any harm in doing so.  We were later advised that we should remove the word Cricut from our website name.  This was very hard for us, since we loved the original name and had already gathered a following under that name, but we knew that if we wanted the site to have the potential to grow as we wanted it to, it would be better if we changed the name now.  We came up with the name, since we are hoping that this will become the main source for finding what crafters want to cut with their Cricut.

Don’t worry . . . if you liked what you saw at CricutSearch, you will continue to see the same thing with  We have been working VERY hard over the last few months to update the site, and I am happy to say that we have almost all of the cartridges loaded onto the site.  The rest will be coming within the next few weeks.

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