Charm with Dried Flowers

After my Grandfather passed away, the flowers that were sitting on top of his casket were given to me.  Everyone said they knew I would make something crafty with them.  I also wanted to make something that each person in the family could keep as a treasure to my Grandfather.  Last month I showed you some Christmas tree ornaments I made for the adult family members.  For the two Great-Granddaughters (my daughter and my niece) I made charms that could be put onto a necklace, charm bracelet or keychain.  


I took some petals from the red flowers and placed them into a square charm necklace tray.  I cut a small square to fit the tray and punched a heart out of the center.  Since my Grandfather was KNOWN for using Duct Tape for EVERYTHING, I used a silver paper that looked like Duct Tape.


I tied the charm on the outside of the Christmas gift, and each girl can choose what they want to do with it . . . wear it on a necklace, bracelet or just hang it someplace where they can see it and remember Grandpa.

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