Christmas Ornaments

That time of year is coming . . . the time when we will be looking at magazines, our local craft stores and Pinterest to find the Christmas ornament that we want to make.  I thought that it might be fun to take a look back at some of the ornaments I have created and shared in the past.  Click on the link titles to go to the full tutorial for each ornament.

Magic Marble Paint Dipped Ornament


This one was fun because I did this with my daughter.  She had fun picking out the colors to combine.  The one in this example combines the school colors for my husband’s college.

MORE Magic Marble Paint Dipped Ornaments 


We had so much fun with the FIRST set of ornaments, and one of my family members mentioned how much she liked them, that we did some more in other colors.

Dried Floral Ornament 


After my Grandfather died, we saved the flowers from his funeral.  He was in the Navy, so we had red, white and blue flowers on top of his casket.  I used these flowers to create an ornament for every family member, so that we can have a special remembrance of Papa on the Christmas tree every year.

Donald Duck Christmas Ornament


I am a huge Disney fan, and my daughter has inherited that love too.  Her favorite character is Donald Duck, so I created this ornament for her as a gift last year.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Ornament review!  Who knows what I will make this year!

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  1. Ooohhh i love the ornaments, and what a great idea to do with the flowers!

    Eaine (BL)

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