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Earlier this week I posted about how I received a Cricut Explore One™ for Christmas, and I will finally be looking at learning the Cricut Design Space™ software and how to use SVG files.  For all of you that have been worried about making this same jump into the world of the Explore machine and Design Space, let’s learn the ropes together!

mamawcindy posted this question in relationship to my earlier post about the Cricut Explore . . .

I still use my Cricut Expression and the Gypsy and love them both.Several months ago I downloaded Cricutcraftroom and have used it a few times. I received the Explore for Christmas (2) years ago. Afraid to use It. Could you tell me If I am to Download Design Space first before I get the explore out of the box or do I hook up the explore and then get design space?

Great question!

I personally have already downloaded Cricut Design Space™, but I have not taken the Explore out of the box.  I am waiting to register it to my Cricut account until I know I will have PLENTY of time to craft, because as I understand it once you register your Explore you get a free 2 week trial to the Cricut Access.  I would hate to hook up my new machine, have it all registered and then not have time to play with the images on Cricut Access!

Also, since I have a Gypsy and I have cartridges linked to that, I wanted to be able to use those in Design Space.  I did some research and found that I needed to link the Gypsy to the Cricut Craft Room first, and then when I opened Cricut Design Space I would have access to all of those same cartridges.

Also, once you have downloaded the Cricut Design Space™ there is an option to click to register your machine so to me it makes more sense to get Design Space set up and loaded on your computer first.

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