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Today’s blog is a guest blog spot from Cricut for Beginners.


I had to dedicate today’s post to our very own product – Cricut for Beginners! I have received some amazing emails from those of you who have purchased and watched the DVD that I wanted to share with you. I also occasionally receive questions on how to do certain things with the Cricut, and I wanted to let you know Cricut for Beginners teaches you every function of your Cricut while making projects. So I’ll touch on the first few lesson plans to help you decide if our DVD could help you!

“I am again excited to be a Cricut owner thanks to you! This DVD should be included in any purchase of a Cricut machine, as it is invaluable! Thank you!” -Colleen

Cricut for Beginners shows you every function of your machine, whether you own the original Cricut, Cricut Create or Cricut Expression. This is not anything like the CD that comes with the machine purchase. We developed lesson plans that teach you one function at a time -and- we make projects as we teach you the functions. So whether you are a visual learner, or learn by doing, Cricut for Beginners appeals to both types of learners.

“I am really enjoying Cricut For Beginners. The title is really deceptive, the lessons are just not for beginners! I’ve had my E (Expression) for over 2 years and I’ve learned things I didn’t know about the machine.” -Christine

Did you know that Cricut for Beginners includes all the cardstock you need for your very first lesson? We did this so you could jump right in and start putting your Cricut to use! I can’t tell you how many people I have talked to who own the Cricut but just never took it out of the box or has it collecting dust in the corner of the house. Lesson 1, entitled “Basic Cut”, gives you all the tools to begin making a project – starting with the “Hi” Card. I promise your cuts won’t run off of your page and you’ll end up with a really cute card! 🙂

“Love love love, did I tell you that I love the DVD? I do…you did a great job on the .cut files, Gypsy files, and the PDF files on the projects…okay you outdid yourself…spread the word…because this is a must have DVD.” -Joan

Lesson 2 teaches all about Creative Feature Keys. I personally had been using my Cricut for a while and never bothered to work with these keys. I was missing out on use of over 600 shapes by ignoring them! So don’t ignore them like I did. They are amazing and give you tons more shapes and ideas to work with. Lesson 2 shows you how to work with those keys and read your handbook. The handbook is essential to use with your cartridges.

“Oh what a wonderful Birthday gift this is from my Daughter. Loving the DVD, I hope there are more to come!” -Debi

Lesson 3 teaches Real Dial Size. Real Dial Size is so important to know, and yet, we found in our research that most Cricut owners did not know what it did – until now! Cricut for Beginners will walk you through this key and you can create the adorable First Day of School Layout while learning it. This is exactly why our DVD is so unique – we don’t just tell you to push the button. We show you why you want to use it and how you can use it in a project.

After watching the DVD, we hope you are bursting with new found inspiration and project ideas! I hope this post helps you see the wonderful information and ideas you can get from Cricut for Beginners, and how those who have watched it are really enjoying it. Cricut for Beginners is like no other DVD on the market today, which is exactly why we created it for you. I’ll have some more upcoming blogs on the other lessons in the DVD – so stay tuned!


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  1. I have had my cricut for 3 years and I never really sat down and read the whole manual. This would be great to have. Thanks for the chance to win!
    lfuchs1 at wi. rr. com

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