Cricut Infusible Ink System

Cricut has been posting on their page for a while now that there will be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming June 4th.  Well this morning I got up and checked the Cricut website and saw this . . .


The Cricut Infusible Ink System!  This will allow you to do multi colored high quality transfers for your projects, and from the look of the preview you can do them in a 12 x 12 format!

It also looks like Cricut will start to sell the blank items that you can decorate and customize with this system.


Here is a video that shows it in action

Now that the announcement is official on the Cricut site I am adding some more information.  These Infusible Ink transfer sheets can be purchased either pre-printed with pattern on them that you can cut on your existing Cricut cutting machine, or you can buy plain white laser ink paper and then use the Cricut Infusible Ink pens to draw images and then transfer those.

This will make image and colors infused into the item that you press it on to, instead of the image/color sitting on top of vinyl that you put onto a shirt.

No need to seal items like coasters.  For this to work, you do have to use the Cricut brand blanks to transfer images on to.  They only come in white right now.

It will be available June 16th online and June 21st at stores.

Infusible Ink Prices

Transfer sheets (4 pack)- $17.99

Transfer sheets (2 pack)- $12.99

All pen packs (5 pens)- $14.99

Heat Resistant tape- $6.99

Large Tote- $11.99

Med Tote- $9.99

Baby Body Suits- $6.99

Youth Shirts- $7.99

Adult Shirts- $9.99

Coasters (both round and square, 4 in each pack)- $12.99

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