Cricut Venture

Cricut Venture

Could Cricut be launching a new wide format cutting machine called the Cricut Venture?

If you have not heard, there is a Cricut Event going on July 18, 2023. There has been a lot of speculation about what will be going on at the event. Well, I think I figured out what the big news from Cricut will be! Cricut Venture – the Wide Format Cutting Machine

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Cricut Venture – First Look

I was planning on doing a video about the new Cricut Design Space updates, but then one of the moderators from my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Facebook group said that they saw an update but it very quickly went away. They did notice the words Cricut Venture when they saw the update, so that got me wondering.

Years ago, when Cricut still sold all of their image on Cricut cartridges, some of us could figure out what the next cartridge was going to be when an online retailer would slip up and make the shopping page live too early.

Another way we would find these clues is through the software we had at the time on a machine called the Gypsy. The Gypsy was kind of an early version of Design Space. We used to call it our Game Boy for crafting. Sometimes the image from a new cartridge would get into a Gypsy update that was just days before the new cartridges would be released.

So back to the Cricut event on July 18, 2023. The last time that they did an event like this was back in 2020, when they launched the Cricut Joy. I was at that event, and you can see the videos I took on my YouTube channel HERE. As soon as Cricut said they were doing another event, everyone starting talking and guessing what would be going on at the event.

Well, with the information I had I did a little search, and the video below will show you what I found. You can also click HERE to go to my YouTube channel to watch it there.

Cricut Venture Update

Since the time I originally posted this information, other people have been sending me more info!

This wide-format professional cutting machine can precision-cut 100+ materials up to 75 ft. (22.8 m) and even works at commercial speeds. It can also write, score, foil and more. The Cricut Venture requires a computer with Bluetooth® wireless and high-speed internet connection. System requirements may change. See Cricut website for specific details and updates on compatibility with all devices, browsers, and operating systems. Compatible Docking Stand for Cricut Venture, materials, tools and accessories are sold separately. See website for details. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Cricut, Inc. is under license. Cricut Venture is not intended for use by children 12 years and younger.

Cricut Venture Details:

* White

* 34.82″ x 10.39″

* Works with a free Cricut® companion app (desktop only)

* Precision-cut 100+ materials with this 25 in professional cutting machine

Cuts and writes up to 25.4\”/sec\n Cuts single images up to 12 ft. (3.6 m) and repeated images up to 75 ft. (22.8 m)

* Compatible with 7 tools to write, foil, score and more (sold separately)

* Space-saving 45° design, plus built-in mat and roll supports

* Adjustable for 13\” and 25\” (33cm and 63.5cm) width Smart Materials™

* Compatible with your home inkjet printer to print then cut full-color designs up to 24″ x 28″ (61cm x 71cm)

* Compatible with Docking Stand for Cricut Venture (sold separately)

* Cut or write with your favorite materials with a Performance Machine Mat (sold separately)

* Cricut Manufacturer Warranty

* Bluetooth® wireless technology

Cricut Venture – More to come

Obviously I could not get a lot of information off of that little split second visual, but I was able to learn that the Cricut Venture will be a wide format cutting machine. I believe that Cricut is launching this to compete with other professional cutting machines like the StarCraft Solo.

From the photo, it does look like it has three pinch wheels and grit shafts like the StarCraft Solo. Another person in online did see a price of $999.00 listed. If that really is the price, that is too rich for my blood especially when I already own a StarCraft Solo machine. You can get a StarCraft Solo at for only $499.99 and you can use my coupon code, ShawnMosch to save yourself 5% when you order!

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Cricut Venture – My honest thoughts

Now that Cricut has officially launched the new Cricut Venture machine and have it on their website, we can see some more details about it. Because of that, I did a follow up video and I share my HONEST thoughts on this new machine.

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