Crocheted Mickey Mouse Hat for an American Girl Doll

If you follow my blog, you know I am a huge Disney fan.  Recently I have begun to fall in love with crocheting again . . . so this project combines those two things!

I started off with some black Red Heart yarn that I had left over from a blanket I made YEARS ago.  I used a G crochet hook for this project.


I started off with the free hat pattern that I found HERE.  The pattern is all double crochet and chain stitches, so it is easy to make.  Once you create your round, you just keep building on that.


Then you just keep building on that circle, with a slight increase in stitches as you go.


You will end up with a little “beanie” style hat like this.


This is where I added my own creativity to the original pattern.  I used the basic idea that I learned in the Teach Me To Crochet book by Leisure Arts

There is a pattern in that book for a circular pillow, and I used that but only doing the first three rounds to make two little black circles that I attached to the beanie hat to create Mickey Mouse Ears for an American Girl Doll!


To see some of my other crochet projects, including the circular pillow that inspired the ears for this project, just click HERE.

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  1. very cute – and now an adult version? 😉 Thanks for sharing your link with us

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