CROPPED – Challenge #2 Project DONE!

Only a few more days until the big CROPPED Event with Megan from Above Rubies Studio.   

I cannot believe how fast the time went!


I JUST FINISHED my project for the 2nd Challenge – The Paper Layerz Mini Layout Challenge

In the Mystery Box there were two sheets of Paper Layerz paper by Megan Elizabeth.  The challenge was to use all 9 blocks on one sheet of Paper Layerz to create 9 mini scrapbook layouts.

I wanted to keep my mini layouts with the same theme, and the theme I used was Hidden Mickeys!  The last time we went to Walt Disney World I took pictures of all of the Hidden Mickeys that we found in our hotel room.  They were hidden in the images on the comforter and chair.


Now, for me, as a 12 x 12 layout this is a little busy . . . but if I look at each of the 9 squares as their own individual layout I like them a lot more . . . and to me, that was what the challenge was about!


For the first mini layout I matted the photo with some green metallic paper, and then cut a corner image and then mirrored that same image, to frame the photo.  I added a little Viva Decor to embellish the flowers.

(Did you see the Hidden Mickeys in the arch above the couple’s heads?)


For the second square I matted the photo in yellow paper that I embossed and then inked around the edges.  I added a fleur de lis cut . . . and I added a little Viva Decor to the center of the fleur de lis.

(Did you see the Hidden Mickey in the center of the Mardi Gras mask?)


I really like the way this next square turned out.  I matted the clown photo and offset it to the right.  I then accented it with random scraps of paper that I cut to look like little banners or flags.  And of course I had to add some of my own Mickey Mouse icons.

(Did you see the Hidden Mickey inside the balloon?)


I had this pastel glittery diamond patterned paper, and I thought it would go so well with the colors on this sheet of Paper Layerz.  I used it on this square and then some simple squares I cut in half to be photo corners.  This is also where I put the word “Hidden” in cream colored stickers for my title of “Hidden Mickey”

(Did you see the Hidden Mickey on the top of the crown?)


And this square is where I put the second half of my title “Hidden Mickey”.  For this photo I matted the photo and added some stitching lines around the edge.  The Hidden Mickeys are easier to see in this photo . . . it if of the upholstery on one of the chairs in our hotel room.


Okay, I have to admit it . . . this is my least favorite of all of the 9 squares.  The square was a white square, and since the challenge was to use each square as the background for a mini layout I felt like I needed to leave a lot of the white showing.  I would have rather done the background in the blue with just a small frame of white.  The one thing that I do like about this layout is that for this square and the brown square I cut the circle shape out of the Paper Layerz because the back of the Paper Layerz was all pink checked on the back.  So, since this square was white, I took the circle from the brown square and used it here, and you will see later on how I used the circle I cut out of this space.

(Oh . . . did you see the Hidden Mickey in the necklace?)


Okay . . . remember the square with the clown and the balloon?  I really liked that layout, so I mirrored it to make this layout.  For this one I added the swirl cut instead of the straight banner/flag type cuts.

(Did you see the Hidden Mickey in the bottom of the bell?)


Here is the square that was the partner for the bird layout (that I did not really like)  So, the circle I cut out of the center of the white square . . . well, I flipped it over to use in THIS square!  That pink is the pattern that was on the back side of the Paper Layerz!  I cut a blue scalloped circle just a little bit larger to frame the whole thing, and added a little ribbon.

(Did you see the Hidden Mickey as a bead in the garland?)


And last but not least . . . and I think this was my favorite square of all of them.  This is a picture of me hugging Mickey Mouse, but I cut it so you just see Mickey’s face.  I thought the black background was perfect for Mickey.  I cut the large Mickey icon out of a metallic red and tilted it to the side . . . then I just added a scrap of paper with some primary colors.  I used the stickers that came in my Mystery Box for the 2010, which was the year of this trip to Disney.

I hope you liked my layouts and I cannot wait to craft with you this weekend at the Cropped Event!


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