Custom Material Settings and Petal Paper

Today I want to talk about Custom Material Setting and Petal Paper. Custom Material Settings for you Cricut machine allow you to be able to cut a wider variety of materials. The new Petal Paper from DCWV is one of those materials! It is a very light weight paper. It reminds me of the crepe paper streamers that we used to use to decorate for birthday parties, only this comes in sheets instead of on the roll like party streamers.

Petal Paper from DCWV

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Petal Paper

The Petal Paper comes in a variety of colors and sizes.  The crepe paper texture gives your paper flowers even more depth and texture.  Each petal will have the natural creases and folds of the paper.  These would look amazing as decorations for a wedding, shower, birthday or even graduation party.  Create giant flowers for a backdrop, or arch them over a doorway.  You can make paper flowers to place in a vase, or use them on top of a wrapped gift instead of a bow.  Oh, I also made a bow out of this paper!

Petal Paper from DCWV

I decided to play with the 12 x 12 sheets.  This package comes with two shades of pink and a peach color.

Petal Paper from DCWV

NOTE:   I have a Cricut Explore, and that only has the fine point or the deep cut blade.  Crepe Paper is not one of the recommended materials to use with the Cricut Explore, so all of this was an experiment.  If you have the Cricut Maker I recommend using the rotary blade for a smoother cut and the crepe paper settings.

This paper feels a lot like sheets of crepe paper, like the type of paper that party streamers are made out of.  I found that simple shapes cut better, and that if I placed the paper so the grain of the paper ran from left to right across the mat it cut better.  Then smooth the paper down so you have a good stick.

Petal Paper from DCWV
Cricut flower

I cut a few different things . . . hearts, bows, scalloped flowers and rolled flowers.  In the video below you will see the Cricut cutting the scalloped flower shape in the image to the left.

Below is a video that will show you how to set the Custom Material Settings in Cricut Design Space for this more delicate petal paper material.

Did you watch the video?  Pretty cool . . . right?  So now you know how to add a new custom material to your choice of materials in Cricut Design Space.  You also know that with some testing and playing around you can cut materials like crepe paper with the Explore . . . and I can only imagine that the results would be even BETTER and easier with the Maker!

Rolled Flowers

So here is how the large rolled flower looks on my mat after I remove the excess paper.

Cricut rolled flower

Then I started to roll.  I have to be honest with you, I have only rolled a few flowers in my day so I don’t have any special tools or anything.  Just started rolling from the outside and here is how it turned out.

Cricut rolled flower

Look at his close up . . . not bad for what is probably my 5th or 6th rolled flower ever in my life.

cricut rolled flower

So would YOU like to play with this new Petal Paper by DCWV?  I am giving one lucky winner some of the Petal Paper to play with.  Just enter my contest below.

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  1. I have an Explore Air 2 and would love to be able to cut crepe paper flowers – your video gave me hope – thank you

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