Decorative bowl

I was walking through Target the other day, and they had a bunch of their summer items on sale . . . the bright colorful plates, cups, bowls and containers. None of the bright colors really were anything I liked . . . which could be why they did not sell that many of them and had SO MANY on clearance . . . but they DID have a few plain white bowls.


Plain . . . Boring . . . OR a blank canvas!

I grabbed the vinyl I had from My Hobby Vinyl and went to my Cricut and cut out the letters to spell my maiden name . . . my mother always has cute bowl on the counter with candy or something in it, so I thought it would give it to her.


After I put the letters on it needed something more, so I added the butterfly with the swirl coming off of it, which is a cut from the Cricut Storybook Cartridge using the Border Feature button for this cartridge.  

How did I get a mirror image of that cut for the other side of the name?  

Well, I learned how to do THAT from watching my Cricut A to Z DVD from Above Rubies Studio.  I have had my Cricut Expression for almost a year now, and I had NEVER USED this feature!  It was not that it was hard to do . . . I think that part of the reason was that I just never saw a need for it . . . until I watched the DVD and Megan showed me how she used it and how it could open up more ways for me to be creative.

So, if you want to get the Cricut A to Z DVD click HERE.

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  1. OH, such a neat idea! I just used vinyl for the first time last week, to personalize a toy for granddaughter Charlotte. So easy and fun!

    Much love, from ya Sistah,
    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  2. Love this idea Shawn! Great gift idea. I just bought that DVD and cannot wait to get it in the mail. 🙂

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