Deer Tag

Yesterday I shared a deer card I created.  If you missed that post, click HERE.  When I finished that card I showed it to my daughter just to get her opinion of it and she got so excited and thought it was adorable, and asked if it was for her to keep.  I smiled and said “I don’t usually send you a Christmas card”

Since she liked it so much I decided I would make a tag variation of the card to put on one of her Christmas gifts this year.  The basic steps for creating the tag work the same as the card, so instead of repeating myself I will like you read the original blog post HERE.

deer gift tag

I used a tag shape from the Plantin’ Schoolbook Cricut cartridge and cut the shadow cut from a deep blue polka dot paper.  The lower right corner of the tag tore a little as I was pulling it off of the mat, but instead of throwing the tag away and staring over, I used this as an opportunity for embellishment and covered it with a snowflake sticker.

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