Disney Classics – Geppetto’s Paint

I was doing a scrapbook layout of when we were painting my daughter’s room back when she was 9 years old, and she was helping out . . . she asked me not to share the photos, but I am going to share the embellishment I made to go on the scrapbook page.  I found that there was a cut on the Disney Classics Cricut cartridge that was 3 paint containers stacked on top of each other.  They go along with the Geppetto images . . . for his workshop.

When I first looked at the outlines of the different layers, it was not really clear what pieces when where, and that is why I thought I would show here how I figured out how to put this puzzle of a cut together.

First I started with a base cut in cream.  This has all three of the stacked paint containers and brushes on it.


Next I cut a layer with a paint can drip, and originally I though that the piece to the left was going to be paint on the bottom portion of a large brush . . . I was wrong, but you will see that later.


Next, I cut another layer out of red.  This has the paint that is dripping off the middle container in the stack, and the paint that is on the tip of one of the brushes.  I kept looking at this thinking why on EARTH would they include cuts for the handles of the brushes in this cut . . . who would want them the same color as the paint?!?!  So now I am going to have to cut this same image again in brown for the handles of the brushes.


Wait a minute . . . now that I cut them all in brown for the brush handles, I am looking at that largest piece of this cut on the bottom and it looks like it would fit onto the base just under my blue paint drip . . .


And it did!  So now you can see what I have cut, and I have set the cuts that are not being used above my mat as I build the image.


Then I had a “light bulb moment” . . . that piece that I cut in blue, that I thought looked like it would be the paint on the bottom portion of a larger brush . . . well, that was NOT what it was for!  It was the paint container for the top of the stack!  LIGHT BULB MOMENT!  You have to cut all of the different layers TWICE!  Once in brown to get the cuts for the containers and brush handles and once in a color to get the paint drips!


Now that I knew I had to cut everything twice, I went to the last layer and cut it once in yellow . . .


and then cut it again in brown


So now you can see how all of the pieces fit together, and also all of the cuts that you end up just throwing away.


So, in total you end up making 7 cuts to create this image.

1 for the base

3 for the layers in the paint colors

3 for the layers in the brown/container and brush handles

I really think that with a little bit better planning, they could have gotten more of the brown shapes into one cut and eliminated the need for cutting everything out of two colors . . . but it is what it is


I went around the edges of the cuts with a marker to give the cuts some more depth.  I even smudged the ink in some areas on the brush handles.  They are paint brushes and containers . . . they are supposed to be messy.


I think it looked really cute on this paint splatter background for the scrapbook layout.   I believe I cut this at about 5 1/2″ high.  I hope that this helps you to put this piece together.  Once I figured out to cut everything twice, it was easy.


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