Disney Pixar Blog Hop – June 14th – Donald Duck Pop-up Card

If you love Disney Pixar and crafting, you came to the right place!  We have an entire month of fun planned for you, with a new group of crafting bloggers every Saturday in June. Today I want to show you a Donald Duck box card that I created, using my Cricut.

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Basic Box Card

I wanted to make a Donald Duck birthday card for my daughter, but I have already done ones in the past with many of the different Cricut Donald Duck images and I wanted something different.  That is when I thought I would try a Donald Duck box card. Pop up and box cards have become really popular!

 I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous about doing this.  I figured that it was going to be REALLY complicated.  I reached out to my friend Ellen and she shared a template she had.  You can click HERE to see it on her blog.

Box card

I cut the whole box out of a bright blue . . . and it was really easy to make!  Seriously, I am going to have to try these box cards again! Since the time that I originally made this post, I have created a Cricut Design Space Project File for a basic box card. I have all of the details along with a video of how I created the box card design out of free shapes on my YouTube channel HERE.

Adding the Details to the Donald Duck box card

I cut a Donald Duck out of a silver paper I had using the Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge.  I really like the shiny quality and the reflection off of Donald. I also like that since this design was so small, I was able to give the look of Donald without having to cut cardstock out of all of those little pieces!

Disney Donald Duck Box card

For each of the flaps I cut some white paper with a point at one end, and some yellow strips of paper to look like Donald’s shirt.  Then I just cut a red bow for the point.

Disney Donald Duck Box card

Then I cut several balloons in different sizes and attached them on to some dark gray strips of paper.  I arranged them at different heights, attaching them to a piece of tape.  Then once I had them arranged how I wanted them I just stuck the piece of tape to the “strut” piece of paper that goes across the card.  This really made positioning the balloons easy.  I would NOT have wanted to glue each one of those on one at a time and try to arrange them at varying heights.

Disney Donald Duck Box card

I added some blue paper with swirls to the bottom half of the outside of the box, and a red dot paper for the background behind the balloons.

Disney Donald Duck Box card

I think it turned out pretty cute for my first pop up box card!

Disney Donald Duck Box card

If you are interested in learning even MORE about card making, you should check out my series of tutorials on the topic HERE. In this series I show you how you can create a variety of cards, from easy beginner basic cards to more advanced ones like this box card!

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24 Responses

  1. Love these pop up boxes Donald looks smashing! Hope the move is going smoothly for you.
    Creative Wishes
    Claire S

  2. wonderful job, love how you incorporated Donald's shirt and colors in 🙂
    ~ Eva

  3. Excellent card in a box, like you I have also been wanting to try one but I am a bit wary of diving in,. Your daughter is going to love this card.


  4. I'm hooked on making these too. Yours turned out really cute, especially love the bowties on the flaps.

  5. I've never tried making one of these cards yet, but I love seeing them. Your Donald Duck card for Beth turned out so cute! I bet she loved it.

  6. Have loved all the projects so far will be headed to the next site. I also love these pop up cards will be trying soon.

  7. Fabulous Donald explosion box! Love every detail you have added to make it authentically Donald!

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