Do you think I have enough paper?

I got a HUGE response from all of you about the scrapbook paper tower that my husband made for me.  If you missed that post you can click HERE to go back and check it out.

Several people left me comments about having fun filling up the tower with paper . . . well, let me tell you that did not take long!  I guess I did not even know how much paper I had!  Now, not all of the slots are “full” because I have things sorted by color, and then divided between solid and patterned paper (I had NO IDEA how much green patterned paper I owned!  That slot has the most in it!)

So, here is the tower after I moved and sorted all of my paper . . .


So, do you think I have enough paper?  Did you notice my silver sequined Mickey Mouse ears displayed on top of the tower?  I got those on our last trip to Disney, but never had a good place to display them.

I spent a lot of time Thanksgiving weekend moving and sorting paper, and moving my crafting supplies into the new room.  I will post more pictures later, but right now the rest of the room is a little bit of a mess . . . I just brought the piles of stuff up into the room, and now I have to figure out the best system for where I need things.

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7 Responses

  1. Love your paper storage! I have a wire tower and I recently sorted mine and yes I have more paper than that tower can hold (and some of it is really ugly too! Where did it come from?) Your hubby did a wonderful job of making that for you!

  2. I am now officially jealous! What a beautiful tower. I'd gladly trade to get one … tell Hubster that I'll send him a month worth of cheesesteaks (wid or widout) in exchange….

    Can he deliver? In person, with you in tow?
    Come for a trip, and I promise as many cheesesteaks as you both can eat in one sitting. You'll both gain weight — but not as much weight as all that PAPER is!

    Wow, stupendous job — of construction and of organizing. Looks like you've made yourself very comfy in that room!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  3. That's awesome if you have everything right there where you can see it! My problem is everything's in 3-4 different places – I try to organize mine by theme since that's the way I tend to work and I don't really have the room right now to put it all in one spot. Congrats on your room! It'll be fun to see what's next!

  4. I think you need to share the paper love…lol

    I love how you have it organized.

    Getting Cricky DT sister

  5. LOL! I am LOVING reading all of your comments! I used to have all of my paper is about 3 places . . . I did not even know how much I really had!

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