Donald Duck Tsum Tsum Card

My daughter loves Donald Duck, so when I saw the new Disney Donald Duck Tsum Tsum card images that are available in the  Disney Digital Mystery Box I knew I had to buy it.  Who are we kidding  . . . I will buy almost anything if it is Disney related!

Disney Donald Duck Tsum Tsum card

 I created this Disney Donald Duck Tsum Tsum card, which is a shaped card and put it in with all of the stuff my daughter is packing up for college so she will find it when she is unpacking.

First, I welded two of the back pieces together to make this image into a card.

Disney Donald Duck Tsum Tsum card

Then I just cut the rest of the colored pieces and layered them on to the card

Disney Donald Duck Tsum Tsum card

Here is what the back looks like

Disney Donald Duck Tsum Tsum card

If you are interested in diving deeper into the world of card making, I have a whole series of card making tutorials for you HERE. I start off with some basic cards, but then guide to to learn how to make some more advanced styles of card. There is something for everyone so come check it out!

If you are looking to add some Disney images to your collection from Cricut, then you have to check out the Disney Digital Mystery Box!

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