Donald Duck

My family recently went to Walt Disney World, and my daughter became a HUGE Donald Duck fan while we were there.  I decided to make her this Donald Duck image to hang on her wall.  I used my Cricut Expression so that I could make it really large.  I used the Fit to Page option when I did the first background cut of Donald.  I like this button because then the machine does all of the work of figuring out how big it can make it without running off of the page, and before it starts cutting it tells you the size that it calculated for the cut, so that you can be sure to set the rest of the layers for that same size.


It was like putting a puzzle together when you place all of those little pieces, but I thought it turned out cute.  After I had all of the layers on, I sandwiched the Donald Duck between two pieces of clear contact paper, pressed it down around the edges to seal it and then trimmed away the extra contact paper.  This way Donald is nice and sealed and we don’t have to worry about the paper ripping.  This is a great way to laminate things if you do not own a laminating machine.

Here is Donald on my daughter’s bedroom wall.  (the darn flash was always right over Donald, and when I did it with no flash it was too dark to see . . . sorry for the not so great photo, but at least you get the idea of how big Donald is.)


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3 Responses

  1. Toooooo cute! (Beth that is!) and Donald is not bad either, LOL. Actually, you did a really nice job of it. Love ya, Sistah!

  2. I think there are a bunch of Donald images on the Mickey & Friends cartridge.

    FWIW, if you stand at an angle instead of head-on, when you take the picture, the flash won't be so prominant.

    Looks like your daughter is thrilled! Great idea about the clear contact paper. I've used that clear packing tape to "laminate" small items before, but I should look for that paper.

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