Easter Eggs

Since Easter is coming soon, I was wondering if any of my readers have a unique way of decorating Easter Eggs.

I found one that I would LOVE to try at Everyday Cricut.  As most of you know, I love my Cricut and use it for lots of projects, but I never would have thought of using it to decorate Easter Eggs!  They used vinyl, and then any of the Cricut cartridges that they already had to cut out shapes and letters.  Stick those onto the eggs, and then die them and pull off the vinyl to reveal the pattern below.


You could die the eggs first, the put on the shapes and letters and die them a second time to get two colors, or if you like the color of the vinyl that you have then you could even leave that on the egg.

Sure beats the white crayon we used to use to write names on the eggs before we would die them!


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