Embroidery – Fabrics 101

I have been doing some more embroidery recently . . . pictures of projects to come . . . and those of you that do machine embroidery know that every project is a different fabric and with every fabric you have to approach the way you work with it differently.  Now, I do not claim to be an expert on machine embroidery . . . I would actually place my skills at more of a beginner . . . everything I know I have learned by reading websites and playing with the fabrics, threads, stabilizers, etc.  I really should take a class, but for now I just limit my projects to fabrics I feel comfortable with.

I did find a resource at Embroidery Library that I am going to need to bookmark.  It is their Fabrics 101 article. All you need to do is click on the type of fabric that you will be working with and you will get another article about that specific fabric with embroidery tips, project samples and suggested needle and stabilizer types.

Embroidery Library has some great images on sale for only $1 this week.  If you are looking for some new Holiday themed images, now is the time to stop by and stock up on them.

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