End of the year project

The kids are off of school, and if you are like me you want to get them away from the video games for a few minutes. Why not make a great end of the year project . . . a time capsule!

Just find an empty container . . . a coffee can or shoe box would work great . . . and get out all of the glitter, glue, fabric scraps, constuction paper, stamps and let the kids decorate it any way they want. You could even let each child make their own. Have them write down their favorite memories from the past year like a special trip you took and their birthday. Have them gather photos of major news events that they remember from the past year and cut them out of magazines or print them off of the internet to add to the time capsule.

If you do not want to fill a coffee can or shoe box with items, you could take your 2009 calendar and let the kids attach the pictures of special events to the pages of the calendar. That way when they take it out later the can almost read it like a book of what happened month by month in 2009. If you do this, it would be very easy to get a storage box and add a calendar every year, so that this will turn into a family tradition and a great way for you children to look back and remember all of the special memories of their life.


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