Fabric Strip Case by ArtBin

If you are a quilter, there is a new storage solution you are going to want to check out.  It is a Fabric Strip Storage Case from ArtBin.


If you are like me, once you have all of your fabric for a project all ironed and cut, you HATE to fold it up to store it, since that means you will have to iron it again.  What if you could store everything in nice stacks?  {I know, you are saying “but Shawn, all of that fabric NEVER stays in a nice little stack like I want it to}


Well if that stack of fabric is nicely placed inside of the Fabric Strip Case by ArtBin, then it will!


Here is the thing I really like about this bin . . . this little clips that help to hold everything in place, so if the bin falls off of a shelf or table, the stack is still held in place.  


The clips just slide into the slots on the inside of the bin, and there are 3 different locations for them so you can decide if you want the clips to be in the middle of the fabric or way out at the edges.


This would be a great way to prep and organize a project, then snap the lid shut to store and protect the fabric . . . you could even take the project to go since you would know that all of the fabric you need is neatly tucked inside!


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