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Finding Images for Holidays

When looking for images to cut with your Cricut for holiday projects, like St. Patrick’s Day, do you go straight to your holiday themed Cricut cartridges or do you ever think to look at what images can be found in some of your OTHER cartridges?

For example, there are several images that would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day on this page of A Child’s Year.

Not only are there cute images of children, but there is also the shamrock and the Irish hat that you can use.

But how can you FIND images like this?  Well I found this one by typing the word


into the search bar on and then all I had to do is look at the different handbook image previews.  

I found another really cute one on Give A Hoot

And did you know there is a shamrock border on Paper Doll Dress Up


  1. Shawn, love your tips on using mycutsearch! It is my go-to site for finding things!

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