Fixing a Bad SVG File

Have you ever purchased a svg file, or been sent a link to a shared file, and when you bring the image into Design Space you find that the design is broken into hundreds of tiny pieces?  Frustrating!!! Let’s look at why this happens and the steps to fixing a bad SVG file.

What causes a bad svg file?

Sometimes it is because the person who created the svg does not understand how to create a svg for a die cutting machine, and set it up with the proper groupings and break it apart by colored layers.

Sometimes it is because the svg was created by using a tool that converts an image into a svg, and that tool broke the image down into too many pieces.

What steps can you take in fixing a bad svg file?

First, if you purchased this image, reach out to the seller and let them know that their svg is broken.  They might be able to repair it.  If they cannot, or will not, I would recommend leaving a review on their site so that others will know the quality of the svg files that they produce.

Next, you will have to try and repair the image so that it cuts like you expected it to.  To do this, you will have to get all of the little pieces that should have been connected to be joined together.  I did this by clicking on each of the touching parts of the same color and then clicking on the weld button to join them into one cut.

If there are sections of the image that do not touch, but you want them to stay positioned and group together so they cut out better for layering, select them and then click on the attach button.

Here is a video to show you how I did this with one bad, broken svg that started off with over 100 layers/cut mats . . . in the end I got it down to just a handful of layers/cut mats.


Where to find good quality SVG files

To avoid spending time fixing a bad svg file, make sure to buy good quality svg files. I have a list of places where you can get high quality svg files HERE.

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